Thoughts Behind the Scenes

Throughout my work, patterns and textures I've encountered in nature have always been intriguing to me. In the same way I love abstract art, the uniqueness of each mark keeps me interested and wanting to see more. 

When working on a project, I take what I find in my research
and honestly just start generating as much “stuff” as I can. There's a joy that comes when experimenting with new techniques, even
if I know they might not work out for that particular project. Whether it be drawings, photographs, or type experiments, I create a system to use throughout the project.

Like David Hume, I believe we go through life creating these bundles of impressions to try to piece together our findings in the world. My attraction to texture comes from wanting to create visually stimulating work. I think of this as another way of gathering impressions, much like I use ink to create impressions with objects. I think adding a sense of tactility to my work can create more of a unique experience for the user.  

My resume is available here.


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