Gertrude Stein's A White Hunter 

For this project my objective was creating a time based piece that goes through Gertrude Stein’s poem, A White Hunter. With never really tackling video or After Effects before, I thought it was a good challenge. 

Initial Play

This first comp was my just getting comfortable with the very basics of just trying to move the type and figure out what all is possible or at least what was capable 

Being a natural beginner I had a slight error when rendering a video. This error created the glitch effect that I decided to run with for the project. I didn't know why it was happening but it related in a way with the natural feeling I received from reading the poem for the first time. The effect gave an unexpected, dark feeling similar to what a hunter gives their prey. 

notes on the final

My process for creating the final was creating a single file and rendering it both correctly and incorrectly in After Effects. Then I took both sets of footage into Adobe's Premier to put it together and change the speed of clips to give a more cohesive and less triggering final product. This is defiantly a project that showed sometimes mistakes lead to positive outcomes.