WEST: Man That'd be so Kanye

Kanye West has a distinct place in hiphop culture. WEST is a collection of articles that tells the story of how West joined the music and fashion industries along with his roles in both. Striping any color and images allows the reader to focus on the life and creations of West without any interruptions of outside connotations. The articles transition with his song lyrics that introduce the new topic, showing how West references realize situations in his work.


Recently West has been receiving a lot of negative energy in the press. In one of his latest singles he says, "You just readin' the headlines, you don't see the fine print." To encourage readers to be able to skim easily along articles. 

I used the flat black to give a break for article transitions. With West being so expressive in everything from his music to what his tweets, I thought using more expressive type with a mixture of scale to bring the lyrics life.