Google's Waymo

Waymo is Google's project to create driver-less cars. The objective for this project was to design a system for the elderly to be able to call and order a Waymo car. This project extended passed calling the car and added onto what the experience is like continuing into the car. This project was a collaboration with another design student, Chris Chavez. This is the promo video we created to demonstrate a full user path from iPhone to the car. 


Below are a series of three screens that are designed for the car. Once the user calls the car, the car arrives and they enter the car, they would be greeted with this personalized screen. Our user task was to add a stop mid trip. From the beginning with the audience being the elderly, we wanted this experience to be very easy to read and not all over the place. 

Stage 2

In this stage of the car we moved onto creating a different map, adding in some icons, and trying to give the buttons a more rounder, friendly-er vibe for the users. We took feedback from user tests to smoothen out the navigation and develop a better overall flow. Still we didn't dive into color yet. 

Final stage

In the end we decided to change up the color arrangement in the logo. For the colors in general, we did stick with Google's theme, we just added the orange for a little pop. On the iPhone the user logs in with their information so Google knows who is riding with them. Then they're able to pick their desired vehicle and destination. 

Once the user gets in the car and are on their way, they might want to add a destination so below shows the process they'd go through. At the end of each ride, the user also has the option to schedule a pickup car or not. 

*footage and photo of Waymo vehicle were sourced from Waymo