Munchkin Eats is an organic homemade and grain free baby food brand.

This Munchkin Eats project had the objective of creating a brand for a new homemade, grain free baby food line. Munchkin Eats needed a brand that communicates their main attributes being dependable, healthy, natural, simple, and youthful. 


Initial logo sketches

After sketching different ideas and iterations I landed on the concept on the far left of the type in the center of a banana circle. Circles communicate a trustworthy and balanced emotion. The evolution of the logo continues on towards the right. I decided to break that perfect circle and make the logo itself more unified by blending the typography with the graphics. 

Munchkin Eats.008.jpeg

Color Theory

Next I went to the color world and plotted the attributes of Munchkin Eats with the colors I felt where most appropriate. I went into more detail on why I was looking at the colors and why I felt they matched the attributes best. Then to really pick brand colors I narrowed it down to four main colors and explained in-depth the rationale behind them. 

application of color

Starting with the finished black and white logo, I thought it gave a lot of potential for different ways of applying color. So when it came to playing around with the application that's what I did. I wanted to see all the different ways and combinations of color, even colors that I didn't think would work I thought would be worth trying just to see. Then I landed on the final color application that turned out to be true to banana colors. The final color logo stayed true to the color of the banana! I thought this helped communicate the organic and true homemade aesthetic Munchkin Eats was wanting. But I felt like the youthfulness of the the yellow helped reinforce the baby food purpose. 

Application of the brand

Now that I finalized the color and logo, it was time to move onto apply the brand. I created a yellow texture that contrasted the vectorized logo and part of the illustrations. I thought this contrast related to the average day or a parent, there's messes involved and it's not always clean. I created designs for stationary, packaging, tote bags, transportation, stickers, mobile app and website, then even how the brand transfers onto social media like Instagram.