Just a trim for Cinemark, or more of a 360?

For this project, my objective was to create two different logos for Cinemark. One that would give a simple update and then another version that would be a complete redesign. 

Here's the current logo for refrence!

Here's the current logo for refrence!

all of the moods + market research

My goal for the 360 logo was to bring back the idea of the experience that comes with going to see a movie in theaters. With so much technology that's out, not as many people take the time to leave their couch to pay $20 to see a movie. So let's remind them why they should! I wanted to incorporate the medium of film and projection into the logo. Then for the haircut, or minor update, figuring out how to move away from the underline, but not too far. My market research went into other big and small theaters in addition to any past Cinemark logos to understand the current evolution. 


After initial pencil sketches moved into the digital world starting with the 360, my main sketch was the first one on the left but with having poor legibility everything needed to change. I decided to move onto creating more of a contained space and breaking up Cinemark into two parts. This worked with the brand still with Cinemark being one of the largest theater companies in the South America and Cine meaning cinema in Spanish. I was able to narrow the 360 down to three options before finalizing. Next with the small update I just was trying to get rid of the underline and how the logo works with being simply just type. 

final logo

The 360 logo I landed on below would give Cinemark a different look for sure but I think it still keeps their core value of providing consumers with the top cinema experience. I think it pushes Cinemark in a very unique and modern direction but still keeps the idea of lights and movie projections. For the small update, I think it stays true to what Cinemark wants to communicate in their current logo, but without painfully stretching and connecting the type. I chose to keep the same color red and not add or adjust because I felt like the red works and communicates that Hollywood vibe they want.