Folly Jazz Series focus on Cecile McLorin Salvant

I had the objective of designing a poster for Cecile McLorin Salvant in the Folly theater’s jazz series. Throughout the project, some main considerations were reflecting Salvant’s musical aesthetic visually through both image and typography. 

Cecile Mockup.jpg

light painting

The process for the background content was digital light painting. Light painting is the photographic process where the shutter speed is slower, allowing the light to be captured by the censor longer. While the shutter is open, exposures are made by moving the camera or a light source. I started with the two images on the outside, then I inverted and adjusted the hue and saturation to bring back the color. I then combined the two images to result in the central image. 

Background Process.png

type exploration

To demonstrate Salvant further I wanted to treat the typography in a similar manner to the light painting. I warped characters from different typefaces together to capture a playful abstraction that
I feel represents Salvant’s work. The most challenging part about this project was the typography itself. I knew I wanted the type to flow like music notes on a staff and be as complex and upbeat as Salvant. To get in the mind set I decided to do several compositions similar to this one. My goal was to explore and play with type. Seeing how type fits and works together being at different scales was helpful when going into the typography for Salvant. 

all together

The final came together expressing the same upbeat movement that is felt in Salvant's music. Normally one would not mix together so many different typefaces, but it worked in this piece because of all the different elements that come with music. Being jazz music particularly added more to this treatment where there is a nature of improve and unexpected moments. Improve also comes with the light painting in the photographic process because I never know the true outcome of a light painting when making it. 

Full Cecile.jpg